It is impossible to say enough when extolling the virtues of this supportive, first aid cell salt. Since iron phosphate is crucial for strong, oxygen carrying blood cells, it makes sense that the homeopathic form helps the body maintain well equipped blood cells in the face of many stresses, including infections, injuries, blood loss, etc. Whenever redness, heat, throbbing or fever, suggest the first stages of acute inflammation (common colds, bronchitis, rheumatism, anemia, acute ear pain, skin eruptions, etc.), Ferr phos helps the blood do its job to fix the problem quickly. In emergencies, especially if blood loss or inflammation results, it offers essential support. Simpler cases including nosebleeds, congestion, sinus headaches, toothache or general fatigue find it beneficial as well. Ferr phos can be particularly graceful in turning around a child’s sudden fever or a young girl’s anemia. Cases needing Ferr phos most, catch cold easily and tend to be pale, but their cheeks flush easily.
The first aid cell salt offers vital support for inflammation, infections, fevers, colds, acute anemia, blood loss, fatigue, acute ear pain, headaches and other issues with symptoms of redness, throbbing and heat.